Monday, March 27, 2017

PRFC Declines to Nix Potomac River Water Grab

Potomac River Fisheries Commission declines to take a position, despite watermen's concerns
After nearly three hours of discussion and debate, the eight-member panel defeated a motion by one of its members, Maryland waterman Billy Rice, which objected to any sanctuary in the mainstem of the river, where the commission regulates fishing.

Watermen have raised an outcry against the proposal by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to designate the first marine sanctuary in the Chesapeake Bay region. If approved, it would protect the remains of nearly 200 historic ships sunk in the Potomac, the bulk of them a “ghost fleet” of wooden-hulled vessels in Mallows Bay that were built to aid the United States’ entry into World War I a century ago. A few wrecks date back to the Civil and even Revolutionary wars.

NOAA announced in January that it favored creating a 52-square-mile sanctuary to safeguard the river’s maritime heritage. But it sought public feedback on four options, including a smaller, 18-square-mile area, a larger, 100-square mile area and doing nothing at all. The deadline for comments is March 31.

Federal officials have said they have no plans to curb fishing in the sanctuary, only to preserve and highlight the historic wrecks. But watermen, leery of NOAA’s role in regulating fisheries elsewhere, have expressed skepticism, noting that under the federal marine sanctuary law, the agency could always change its mind later. A trio of advisory groups to the Potomac fisheries commission urged the panel to oppose the sanctuary, or to recommend it be limited to Mallows Bay and a narrow band of water along the Maryland shoreline.

“Once you turn this (river) over to NOAA, it becomes federal and you never get it back,” warned Robert T. Brown, president of the Maryland Watermen’s Association. “Why would we want to give up our sovereignty?”

Paul “Sammy” Orlando, NOAA's liaison for the proposed sanctuary, acknowledged that the agency could change its management every five years. But he noted that the proposal now spells out that there is no intent to regulate fishing in the Potomac.
It's shocking what can happen when a new President discovers he has a pen and a phone.

Bay Bird Cams!

It's Spring again, and so it's time for the cameras perched to watch the birds do their things. Here is a set from Baltimore, on a Peregrin Falcon Nest, an Osprey nest and a new one, Great Blue Heron nest. A new twist this year, the cams play on YouTube, and are easily embed-able. Let's try with the falcon cam.

Reasons #5492 and #5493 That Trump Was Elected

We're tired of unelected bureaucrats who think they run the country:

A Leftist State Department Official is Publicly Attacking the President on Social Media
Alan Eyre, a high-ranking State Department official known for his pro-Tehran, anti-Israel biases — and a key component of the Iran nuclear deal’s negotiating team— has been using his verified Twitter account to repost articles attacking President Trump, the man who he ultimately answers to.

The postings, shared below, are only a small snapshot of what Eyre has tweeted out over the past month and shared with his 100,000-plus followers. Some mock the president and question his intelligence and integrity (again, Eyre’s boss). Another post calls President Trump’s decisions “senseless” and “heartless.”
FBI Deputy Director Snaps: In Anti-Trump Tirade, McCabe Professes Hatred for U.S. President to FBI Colleagues
Senior intelligence sources said that embattled FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe openly professed his disgust for President Donald Trump at a senior staff meeting while loosing his cool demeanor in the process.

McCabe, the second in charge of the FBI, ranted at a staff meeting a week after Trump’s inauguration (approx Jan 27) about the newly sworn-in president, catching many FBI agents off guard with his anti-GOP vitriol.

At the meeting, when a subject came up dealing with a request of the FBI made by then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn dealing with the National Sheriff’s Association, McCabe told the packed conference room: “I hate Trump.”

Flynn’s request for cooperation from McCabe and the FBI was likewise tabled, sources said. Flynn has since been sacked and was forced to resign largely due to the FBI’s conduct.

These additional troubling revelations about McCabe come a day after True Pundit exposed the deputy director as a partisan FBI agent apparently waging his own liberal-infused domestic political policy and who took part in secret meetings to derail Flynn and Trump.
Curiously, Deputy Director McCabe's wife, Jill McCabe, was closely tied to Clinton through Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

If you can't play the game fair, you should be fired.

Sure, It's All About the Dog

Another day, another non-reason for the internet to be outraged. This time, it's Flip Or Flop star Christina El Moussa who is on the receiving end of the internet's flak, and the reason is so, so dumb.

El Moussa, who filed for divorce from husband and Flip Or Flop co-host Tarek El Moussa in January of 2017 following a quiet separation beginning in May 2016, took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and her seven-year-old daughter Tay with the newest member of their family. The "newest member" — whose arrival was celebrated on National Puppy Day, aww! — is a French bulldog named Cashie, but it wasn't just a discussion of how freakin' cute Cashie is that was going down in the comments. Instead, people were more concerned with what Tay and El Moussa are wearing in the photo.
In the photo, El Moussa and Tay rock matching purple bikinis while holding their new pup. (Well, El Moussa holds the pup... Tay holds a donut.) Some people weren't thrilled with the announcement being made while the mother and daughter duo were in swimwear.

Some comments on the photo include:

"It's not about "hating" @christinaelmoussa, like everyone is saying... it's about the fact that she's pretending this is about a dog while she's broadcasting a 7 y.o.'s body all over IG when that child can't give informed consent. She could have taken a picture of the dog and the child fully clothed."

"Weirdest dog announcement ever lol i mean great body but like whats the correlation between the dog, the bathing suits, and the donut lmao"
Yeah, it's a cute dog. Just relax folks, it's a swimsuit. As Instapundit notes:
Informed consent is a medical term. This is a swimsuit picture. Parents consent for their kids, because parents are in charge.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Reason #5491 That Trump Was Elected

School apologizes for offending refugees after students wear red, white and blue
Students at Des Moines’ Valley High School recently issued a public apology to nearby North High School after allegations of racism from students wearing red, white, and blue to a basketball game last week.

Allegations surfaced on social media after a game Wednesday that Valley students who waived American flags and donned red, white and blue attire in the stands offended refugee students playing for the more racially diverse North team, Fox News reports.

“Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think ‘What the hell are these kids thinking?’” North assistant coach Morgan Wheat said.
 Des Moines, Iowa? Seriously?
Commenters on Facebook allege Valley students “were not being patriotic” but rather “rude, racist, and ignorant” by yelling “deport them” and other offensive comments from the stands.

“What they did was AGAINST the flag and what it stand for,” an alleged witness posted, according to Snopes. “Yes, there were kids that were not saying those things … but the majority were.”

Regardless, Valley student leaders issued a formal apology last week, and contend the red, white, and blue theme was not intended to offend anyone.

Rude comments shouted at a high school ball game! This demands a federal investigation!

The students wrote, according to The Des Moines Register:
It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S. A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base. We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way.
We have traditionally dressed in such a fashion for great games such as the one last night. Everyone here at Valley has immense respect not only for your team and players but for your community as a whole.
Please know that our intent was in no way (meant) to offend or demean – just to support our own team in a way we have done before.
Congratulations on a wonderful season and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.
Valley won the state tournament game, and North assistant coach Wheat commended the team for the hard-fought victory.
My response to "the more racially diverse" North High students would have been that if you don't like the colors of the flag, move somewhere you like the colors better.

How to Dress for Halo

Wow, the level of detail is fantastic. Props for his level of concentration.